Justice Call for

Rights and Development


What we do?!

We work to promote human rights and build sustainable peace through the following:

Capacity Building

We provide unique capacity building programs for lawyers, legal researchers, academics and students that help them understand and use the human rights, justice and peacebuilding systems in their work.

Advocacy and Protection

We provide a wide range of consulting services covering various aspects related to regulation and the work of civil society organizations in Egypt.


We work with a wide network of local, regional and international organizations to maximize the impact of our work on promoting respect and the rule of law and human rights.


What do we work on?

Working for inclusive peaceful societies in which all enjoy effective access to justice.

Youth-lead organization

Youth-led institutions play an important and essential role in defending human rights and building peace, but on the other hand they face many challenges, the most important of which are legal obstacles. Hence the role of Justice Call, we provide full legal support to youth-led organizations.

SDG16+ localization

Justice Call works to promote human rights and the rule of law through localization of SDG16+ This is done by enabling young people and the organizations led by young people to drive sustainable change towards a peaceful, effective society. We do this by working on the empowerment of their organization.

Youth peace and Security

Justice Call worked on UN security council resolutions that are important to young people, such as Resolution 2250 and Resolution 2149, in addition to the new resolution 2535, which we believe is the most important of those resolutions, where it has given appropriate focus to the issue of protecting young people and peacemakers!

Educating for rule of law and Justice

we launched the Peace and justice education program which is our principal engagement activity for young people. It builds awareness among the Egyptian youth about justice and peace and enables them to implement various initiatives and interventions on their own in order to spread and defend the values of justice and peace.

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